Ice Hockey Resources

  • The International Ice Hockey Federation website is a useful resource for anyone interested in international ice hockey. The IIHF is responsible for declaring world rankings. The website also contains information about IIHF tournaments, both past and present, and a variety of statistics about teams and players. Those interested in buying IIHF merchandise can visit the online store.
  • The USA Hockey website is a well-organised, comprehensive, site which contains information about a number of aspects of ice hockey in the United States. There are sections devoted to all groups involved in the game, including senior and junior players, game officials and coaches.
  • The NHL website contains up-to-date information about all aspects of the National Hockey League. Team and player statistics, match reports, rules and game schedules can all be found here. The website can also be used to buy tickets to games and to download a podcast of current NHL news.
  • The British Ice Hockey website is an essential resource for ice hockey fans in the U.K. The website is not affiliated with Ice Hockey UK, but is a great place for fans to check scores for the most important leagues in the United Kingdom, including the EIHL, the English Premier League, English National League (North and South divisions) and the Scottish National League.
  • The Science of Hockey is a website affiliated to the San Jose Sharks, and is an excellent source of general hints and information about ice hockey. It includes some interesting video clips on the subject of hockey skills.
  • The Women’s International Hockey website is Canadian, but contains some very useful information about women’s ice hockey, including information about the Winter Olympics and World Championships.