Attacking Zone – The attacking zone is the section of ice containing the opposing team’s goal.

Boarding – Refers to (illegally!) propelling a member of the opposing team into the boards bordering the rink.

Cross-checking – Refers to the illegal use of the upper part of the hockey stick to challenge an opponent.

Defending Zone – The defending zone is the section of ice containing the goal each respective team is attempting to defend.

Fisticuffs – A term commonly used to describe fighting or aggressive behaviour.

Penalty Bin/Sin Bin – The Penalty Bin is the place where players who have been ejected from the game for a specific time period remain until they are permitted to rejoin the game.

Powerplay – This term refers to the advantage given to the opposing team when a player is banished to the sin-bin for illegal conduct.

Puck – A puck is a black disc, made from vulcanized rubber, usually weighing around 6oz. The puck is comparable to the ball in other sports; players compete with each other to gain possession of the puck and goals are scored by propelling it into the opposing team’s goal.